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Good teacher tell you what to practice. Great teacher shows you HOW!

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Sukie Sing

Piano Tutor | Concert Pianist | Singer-Song Writer

I learnt classical piano since I was a kid until I got the Diploma exam and still exploring and performing. Self-learning pop piano as I listened pop songs in teenage. I found classical and pop piano was totally 2 different systems after I learnt from some masters in the music scene. These different backgrounds created different methods on my teaching. So, I have worked with students for 10 years in Hong Kong, knowing each character of them. I like to use the most effective way to each of them on teaching. Students from different countries, mainly speaking English, Cantonese and Mandarin in lessons. 
從小學習古典鋼琴,直到考上演奏級,仍然一邊學習間中演奏。中學時愛聽流行曲,當時開始自學,長大後跟隨過音樂界的大師深造,發現學古典和學流行曲跟本是兩個系統呢!經歷過兩個截然不同的背景,所以我會用不同的方法教授,帶你去感受古典音樂的世界,也會用「唔洗睇豆豉」的方法令你可以即興演奏流行曲。十年的教授經驗,遇過不同類型的學生,清楚每位學生擅長用哪種方法學習會更有效。 來學琴的也有不同國籍的學生,可用廣東話/ 英語/普通話教授。

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Making Learning More Enjoyable

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Sheet Music Close Up

Piano Lesson for Children

Serious commitment on development or having fun, why don’t get both? Make the music life sustained and healthy.  

Piano Lesson for Adults

Never too late as long as you get start. You deserve to have your easy way to learn what I would provide. Some of them took lesson for One Song Only for surprising their fiancé at the wedding. I appreciate this too because that is not only learning music but also creating beautiful memories for lovers.  

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Music Theory 樂理

You would figure out it’s not something too difficult in my lesson. If you are preparing theory exam, don’t be hesitated to come to my lesson. 在我課堂你會發現樂理並非你想像中的難,如果你正在準備樂理考試的話就不要猶豫了。

Piano Accompaniment and Aural

One-on-one training and interactive lessons for your exam. 單對單訓練和互動的課堂,助你應付考試得心應手。


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